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MicroPad Head Simulation Kit

MicroPad Head Simulation Kit

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Inside this box you’ll find everything you need to take your skill to the next level.


Contents & Information

The “Head Simulation Kit” included in this box has a gender-neutral design and provides the lifelike feel of working on a real client, without the need for a live model or animal cruelty. The kit includes a hard shell that emulates the structure and contour of a real head. This shell can be used in conjunction with felt pens or tracing tools, can be easily wiped and reused an infinite number of times. The shell is compatible with the interchangeable silicone skins provided with this kit and other future refills from our range.

The skins come in a range of Fitzpatrick skin tones and are made from a variety of high quality materials. Each one of them is designed with unique characteristics to help you perfect individual aspects of your artistry. The special coating also ensures any excess ink can be easily wiped away, leaving behind only the intended markings. Whether it’s practising scalp, eyeliner, lips or eyebrows, the size of the hard shell combined with the multi-thickness, texture and hardness of the silicone skins, closely replicate the feel of working on a real human head. The supplied anti-slip trimming can be easily applied to the bottom edge of the shell in order to provide enhanced grip, protection and stability to the kit, making it even safer for you to practise your skills.

Our Head Simulation Kit is easily transportable and practical, giving you the freedom to practise your skills anywhere you want and under any conditions.

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1 hard shell - ABS plastic

4 high quality sleeves - pure silicone

1 edge grip - clear silicone

All packaging is widely recyclable.

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