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MicroPad Skins Simulation Set

MicroPad Skins Simulation Set

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Inside this bag you will find a series of unique practising pads to help you take your skill to the next level.

Contents & Information

Introducing the Micropads “Skin Simulation Set” – a cutting-edge training solution catered to both tattoo and micropigmentation artists who seek a true-to-life practice experience. Our innovative set eliminates the outdated methods of practising on fruits or animal skins, providing a superior alternative.

Our versatile practice skins are available in an array of Fitzpatrick skin tones, enabling you to explore and understand how various colours and ink shades appear on different ethnic skin types.


Designed with a round shape to create a more natural, organic feel, our pads feature a unique tapering in thickness from the centre to the edges, simulating the diverse skin regions found on the human body. Crafted from high-grade silicone and coated with a specially formulated layer, our pads allow for effortless removal of excess ink without smudging, leaving only your intentional markings behind. The carefully selected grade 70 shore silicone offers a lifelike resistance that closely emulates the experience of working with a tattoo needle on real skin. Each pad incorporates a smooth side and a hyper-realistic skin textured side to further enrich your practice experience. The silicone pads within our sets are meticulously designed, with unique features that support the practice of all artistic techniques.


Whether you are practising tattooing, PMU or micropigmentation, the combination of multi-thickness, textures, finishing coat and hardness of the silicone skins pads accurately replicate the

sensation of working on genuine human skin. The anti-slip properties of these pads ensure grip and stability for a safer, more efficient practice under any conditions. Our portable, user-friendly “Skin

Simulation Set” empowers you to refine your skills anytime and anywhere. Unleash your full creative potentials with the Micropads “Skin Simulation Set”.

This packaging is biodegradable under industrial conditions.



4 high quality skin textured pads - pure silicone.

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